Clash Mini Update 3 Patch Notes – Balance Changes & More

In this Clash Mini Update 3 Patch Notes we are going to discuss some significant buffs and nerfs for both Heroes and Minis.

With the introduction of new Clash Mini season we are expecting Supercell to introduce new features to the game. Supercell announced a new Clash Mini May 2022 update in the latest Smol Talk Episode 4. Balance tweaks, Hero and Mini reworks, and trophy road awards will all be included in the update. Below, you will be able to get some insights from the episode in the form of a quick and easy to grasp Clash Mini Update 3 Patch Notes.

Without ado, let us get started with this Clash Mini Update 3 Patch Notes.

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Clash Mini Update 3 Patch Notes – May 2022

Clash Mini Update 3 Patch Notes

Clash Mini Balance Changes

The Clash Mini Update 3 Patch Notes for today are primarily focused on balance changes. However, there is also plenty of actual content as well. New rewards, rework on minis and heroes, a new trophy road, and much more is in this Clash Mini Update 3.

Following are some balance changes that are included in this Clash Mini Update 3 Patch Notes.

Mega KnightBase HP and HP per upgrade have been increased. Base hit speed has increased, as has the energy cost.
SwordsmanThe cost of energy has been reduced from four to three. Reduced base HP HP per level increased to +2 from +1. The cost of energy has been reduced from four to three.
WizardThe healing effectiveness reduction of Wizard’s Spicy ability has been increased from 50% to 75%.
Skeleton GuardBase HP has been increased from 5 to 6Base Hitspeed has been increased Cast Shield animation speed has been increased.
Golden GiantBase HP increased from 12 to 13 Energy requirement increased to 8 from 6
ValkyrieHP per upgrade increased from 2 to 3Hit speed upgrade nerfed
PrinceThe duration of the stun has been increased from 2 seconds to 4 seconds.
Battle HealerBase HP increased by 1
Electro WizardBase Attack speed increased
KnightKnight’s ability will now cast faster.
WitchSkeletons HP increased from 2 Skeletons to 3. The hit speed has also increased.
FishermanBase HP increased

Rework And Progression of Clash Mini Heroes

Supercell will make Hero skills more widely available to players, allowing them to test more heroes and compete against high-level opponents. The first and second powers will now be available at levels 4 and 8, rather than 5 and 10.

Furthermore, the order of abilities is being altered so that players can fully exploit the power of Heroes. For example, the Royal Champions’ second and third skills are being exchanged.

Rework of Minis

Let’s discuss Mini rework in this Clash Mini Update 3 Patch Notes. So, Supercell will work on five Minis as they are set to get upgraded with new skills, abilities and mechanics. This will make them more viable for players, as they currently have a low pick rate due to lackluster upgrades.

Rework will be done to the following five Minis in the latest Clash Mini May update:

  • Valkyrie: Third upgrade reduces the healing effect by 75% for the next 2 seconds on all enemy minis and heroes affected by her attack.
  • Mini PEKKA: With the third ability, Mini PEKKA will now deal twice as much damage to other minis and heroes who have a shield or a block.
  • Barbarians: The third Barbarian upgrade now increases the attack by one for all nearby allies.
  • Electro Wizard: When Electro Wizard’s second upgrade is equipped, all nearby allies in the same row will receive 2 bonus energy.
  • Spear Goblins: At upgrade level 3, Spear Goblins’ hit speed will be increased by 100%.

Trophy Road Changes

Clash Mini, like many other Supercell games will get a trophy road that will reward players for making progress through ranked play as they gain trophies.

The trophy road will award new minis, crystal points, gold, and gems to players. Not only that, players who have previously unlocked minis will receive a different reward, and once the update is released, all rewards will be automatically added to your account.

Quest Removal

The following quests will be removed from the game in Clash Mini Update 3:

  • Finish as the #1 in a Rumble
  • Play X Matches using X Mini
  • Play X Matches using X Hero


  • Getting #1 in a Rumble
  • Advance on the Adventure Road
  • Win X matches with WM and Fisherman

Clash Mini is available on both Android and iOS. Bookmark this page for latest information regarding this Clash Mini Update 3 Patch Notes article.


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