Best Clash Mini Magic Archer Deck – Clash Mini best deck

We’ve decided to create the best Clash Mini Magic Archer Deck today. In this Clash Mini Magic Archer Deck, we have added our new favorite Clash Mini characters based on each of the popular deck archetypes. Each Clash Mini character in this deck has their own unique abilities that should help you win in competitive play.

Clash Mini is the latest game based on the world-famous Clash franchise, created by Finnish developers Supercell. You’ll need to develop a deck that will make the best use of the Magic Archer while playing the game. This is why we have one of the best Clash Mini Magic Archer deck mentioned below if you’re not much of a deck builder.

So, without further ado, let us find out the best Clash Mini Magic Archer Deck.

If you are new to the game and want to know the basis first, then check out this Clash Mini Wiki and Top 3 Shield Maiden decks in Clash Mini guide.

Best Clash Mini Magic Archer Deck

Best Clash Mini Magic Archer Deck

Magic Archer: I was struggling to decide to put him in an appropriate Clash Mini Tier List. I don’t think Magic Archer should be in higher tiers due to the inconsistency in performance. Moreover, Magic Archer can be countered by good positioning. While in the right hands, Magic Archer has the potential to perform better than any other top-tier minis.

Valkyrie: Some of you may haven’t unlocked 3-star Valkyrie, so you cannot say if she is good or bad. But if you just read her 3-Star clash ability, she could do some good opening AOE damage. With a proper positioning, she can also be used to launch a counter-attack.

Spear Goblin: A well-positioned Spear Goblin can be a game changer mini. But having a Spear Goblin will also have risk of its own. In case Spear Goblin isn’t well positioned, he has probably the worst cost performance in the game. A 1 star is enough for most back lines and 3 star if you are aiming for their front lines.

Pekka: He obviously has the highest DPS (0.9). I recommend having at least one of the Pekka’s in your Clash Mini Magic Archer deck to make life easier against Maiden. A 2 star Pekka is enough for main tank and 1 star for off-tank and chip damage.

Mini Pekka: He has the second-highest rank in DPS (0.8) with good amount of HP (8). An overall good choice, and a good counter to all melee heroes. It is recommended to upgrade Mini Pekka to 2 star (unless against Archer Queen). Always place your Mini Pekka in the corner behind your ranged minis to counter high star Miners.

Wizard: He is good even at 0 star, but it is recommended to unlock his full potential at 1-star. A 2 star Wizard is not necessary since the dissipated on super is useless most of the time. The 8 elixir to upgrade Wizard could offer some huge upgrades to your other minis.

Clash Mini Game Information

  • Title – Clash Mini
  • Publisher – Supercell
  • Category – Board Game
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