Chrono Legacy Tier List of the best characters

To win battles you have to use the best characters in Chrono Legacy. Here is the most comprehensive Chrono Legacy Tier List of the best characters out there and updated regularly.

Chrono Legacy: Strategy RPG has quickly grown in popularity as one of the most popular mobile RPG games available. It has a beautiful storyline with enjoyable and intuitive battles. While the battles are exciting, but they can become extremely difficult right near the end. You’ll need the best strategies and heroes in your group to defeat your opponents.

In this Chrono Legacy guide, we will list all the characters in Chrono Legacy and rank them from best to worst. If you are in one of the game’s unusual stage, you can use this Chrono Legacy Tier List to determine which heroes are worth acquiring and investing in.

Chrono Legacy Tier List (Best character guide)

Chrono Legacy Tier List

The characters in Chrono Legacy Tier List are evaluated according to their ability to improve the player’s performance. The abilities of characters can be overwhelming opponents with their damage, tanking it, or being beneficial in a group situation by healing or buffing teammates.

Chrono Legacy Tier List (SS Tier)

For any game mode, these are the most overpowered characters in the game.

  • Mulan → Warrior
  • Alexander → Warrior
  • Dracula → Mage
  • Joan of Arc → Support
  • Temujin → Archer
  • Xerxes → Tank

Chrono Legacy Tier List (S Tier)

When played correctly, these can compete with SS Tier characters.

  • Subutai → Warrior
  • Martha → Tank
  • Asoka → Support
  • Dido → Support
  • Roland → Tank
  • Shajar al-Durr → Assassin

Chrono Legacy Tier List (A Tier)

Heroes in this Chrono Legacy Tier List are above average. These can be beneficial in most situations, but they do have some drawbacks.

  • Saladin → Warrior
  • Richard → Warrior
  • Timur → Assassin
  • Arash → Archer
  • Masamune → Archer
  • Elizabeth → Mage
  • Hippocrates → Support
  • Tomyris → Support

Chrono Legacy Tier List (B Tier)

There isn’t much going on in terms of damage or providing good assistance to the entire group. Characters in this list can be a viable option for beginners.

  • Leonidas → Warrior
  • Edward → Assassin
  • Cleopatra → Mage
  • Guiguzi → Mage
  • Boudica → Archer
  • Queen of Sheba → Archer

The Latest Chrono Legacy Update – Patch Notes

New Instance: Seimei’s Memory

  1. A new limited-time instance: Seimei’s Memory is out! It will open at the same time as the Lucky Wheel event.
  2. You can challenge Seimei’s Memory during the event. All the participants will be ranked based on their highest DMG Dealt in the last stage.

Challenge Fund – Season 2

  1. You can claim rewards by reaching a certain amount of AP.
  2. Pay to unlock premium fund and obtain extra mega rewards.

Adjustments on Weekly Card & Diamond Card

  1. Weekly Cards are now removed, connoting Activation Card and Egypt. Material Card. If you have an unexpired weekly card in your bag now, you will receive the materials according to the remaining days.
  2. A new Diamond Card is added. The original Diamond Card is now upgraded to Adv. Diamond Card.

New Instance: Class Trial

  1. Added 6 new instances: Guard’s Fort, Warrior’s Yard, Mage’s Hall, Archer’s Outpost, Psionic Spire, and Shadow Cavern.
  2. To clear the instances, you must fully consider the counters of different classes. There is a rating system for the instances. The more stars you achieve, the more rewards you earn. Clearing 3 instances will earn you hefty rewards every day.

New system: Class Talent

  1. Added a class talent system. Talent activation materials are obtainable from the 6 new class trial instances.

That concluded the new Chrono Legacy Tier List. GameWeen has got you covered if you’re seeking for other mobile gaming updates. We have already started working on our new Legends of Lunia Tier List after the game’s official global release for mobile devices.


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