Chromosome Evil Guide: Walkthrough, Tips, Tricks and Units

In this Chromosome Evil guide, which includes a Chromosome Evil walkthrough, we will share our beginner tips and tricks to help you play the game.

Our Chromosome Evil guide will help you through the main areas of the game like character classes, map overview, unit builds and more.

Please keep in mind that this Chromosome Evil guide is a work in progress, so come back later for more advice and instructions.

Furthermore, many of the linked pages below in this Chromosome Evil guide are also being updated on a regular basis to provide more help and support.

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Chromosome Evil Guide: Walkthrough, Tips and Tricks

Chromosome Evil Guide

Before we dive deep into this Chromosome Evil guide I am going to give you a few basics on the game controls.

Chromosome Evil Controls

  • Left-click on a character to select that character.
  • Left-click and drag to select a bunch of characters.
  • Right click to move, or interact or or cancel an interaction this last part is very important to cancel a searching unit in order for it to defend itself.
  • R is for manual reload, and it will not consume ammo.

Chromosome Evil Map Guide

Lets us now start with map in this Chromosome Evil guide.

When you first start out, you have few options. In fact, once you’ve completed the tutorial, you’ll have three options depending on what you chose.

Landmarks will be located in the center of the map. These are areas of mission!

Here’s a general guideline.

Higher rank areas are typically more difficult, but have more resources as a result. A house, for example, is a mission with a level 1 rank. They will usually have a few wood piles, some food, and possibly another resource such as ammunition, medical supplies, or fuel. These maps are commonly referred to as 90-second maps.

Because, unless you were able to make your team a solo, these maps can be easily cleared by a 2-3 man team in 90 seconds or less.

A police station, on the other hand, is a structure of rank 3. It usually includes a lot of ammo, at least one special objective, and armor or weapon parts, among other things. They are, however, much larger than a house and usually have multiple points of entry for diners. This location is impossible for solos, and even duo teams can be easily wiped out.

The number of squares under a landmark indicates how high it ranks. Squares and ap can be found at the top of the world map.

There are four visual effects associated with these apps.

The first is a blank square. That is, you don’t have enough ap generation to ‘normally’ fill in this square.

The following indicator is a gray square. This means you had ap generation to have it here but have already used it.

The white ap squares are the third. This is how much ap you currently have. Any glowing ap indicates that the cost of your total ap for the action your mouse is hovering over will be that amount.

The next person icon is to look for someone.

This can help you find a new member for your team or other random people. Some I’ve discovered include the homeless, the pilot, the trader, the teacher, the commander and the scientist.

The next icon is the treat icon, which costs 2 and some medicine. I’m not sure of the exact ratio, but it usually costs around $40 per act as per this Chromosome Evil guide.

Scavenge is the most recent one I’ve discovered. This will add 50 random resources which is useful if your team is low on health or ammo.

The morale, agro, and evolution meters can be found in the bottom left corner of the map after you unlock it. Higher agro means that eaters will find you faster in missions and will spawn more frequently.

Morale has an impact on your team’s ability to complete tasks quickly. In general, the lower your morale, the worse your units perform.

Evolution refers to the variety of units that attack you. Your upgrade tabs are located at the bottom of the screen. They will be unit trainer, armory, workshop, and research once unlocked.

After the first area, the trainer and armory become available. The trainer enables you to level up your heroes to one of six different special stats.

The armory improves the equipment of your individual units. Weapons and armor parts will be used here, but medics and engineers will also use tools and meds to upgrade their unique gear.

The workshop, which is unlocked after area 3 will allow you to upgrade your vehicle. Greater fuel efficiency, greater ap per day, and a higher cap to unit limit.

Please keep in mind that these tool upgrades are not cheap.

Finally, we have research which I believe comes after area 4. It allows for general unlocks for almost everything else. From more ap to researching missing equipment upgrades to resting and training less expensive healing and a lot more.

We have days left, satellite progress, and vaccine progress in the bottom right corner.

That is all you need to know about map in this Chromosome Evil guide.

Next in this Chromosome Evil guide is the unit builds.

Chromosome Evil Unit Builds

To keep things simple In addition to their class, I attempt to give my units a build.

Engineers, for example, I usually increase looting and interactions.

  • F- 1
  • B- 1
  • R- 3
  • I- 3
  • M- 1
  • P (intuition) -3

Then I have brawling tanks that can hold a doorway.

  • F- 3
  • B-3
  • R-1
  • I- 1
  • M- 3
  • P- 1

Gun runners that either loot or shoot

  • F- 2
  • B- 2
  • R–2
  • I- 2
  • M- 2
  • P- 2

Front line medic

  • F- 3
  • B- 3
  • R- 3
  • I- 1
  • M- 1
  • P- 1

Chromosome Evil Tips and Tricks

Here are some basic Chromosome Evil Tips and Tricks for easy game progress.

Early on, it may appear to be a good idea to simply kill all the enemies at once, but you will soon discover that you have a limited supply of bullets. This is more relevant if you pick up a unit that eats ammo like popcorn.

If there are no windows or bloody corridors, it is likely that there are no zombie spawns. Eater spawns in your starting location.

That means the map has been effectively paused. Take advantage of this time to look for resources and plan your route.

Do you want to go through four doors to get 20 medical supplies and 30 wood on the way, or do you want to go through three doors and get 50 food and ten wood on the way?

Each option has advantages and disadvantages.

Here is my list of items, ranked from most important to least important:

  • ammoP
  • ammoS
  • interact: map
  • interact: generator
  • interact: blueprints
  • interact: radar/vaccine
  • tools
  • fuel
  • armor/weapon parts
  • meds
  • food
  • wood

And with that, our Chromosome Evil guide comes to a close. We hope that our in-depth coverage has aided you in your own Chromosome Evil gameplay.

If you have any other suggestions, strategies, or general information to provide, please send them to our mailbox.


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