What are Challenge Coins in Clash Mini?

In this Clash Mini Challenge Coins guide, we will discuss the most commonly asked question, “What are Challenge Coins in Clash Mini” mobile game? In Clash Mini, there are numerous items to collect, each with its own special use. Players can earn Challenge Coins in addition to Gold, Gems, and Hero Shards.

By logging into Clash Mini daily, players can earn up to 25 Challenge Coins per day. And if you win 3 matches continuously, you will get 1 challenge coin back. However, keep in mind that only 99 can be stashed. As a result, it is critical that you use as much as possible each day. You can use Challenge Coins in Clash Mini for participating in ranked play in Clash Mini.

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Challenge Coins in Clash Mini

challenge coins in clash mini

In my opinion, I think that Challenge Coins in Clash Mini are essential because it helps casual players to climb ladder with equal chances as regular players will play ladder for like 12 hours a day whereas a casual player may be playing it for 2-3 hours or so. If there are no Challenge Coins in Clash Mini, the game would become more of a grinding game rather than a competitive game.

For example, if you take Clash Royale as an example, you need to spend a minimum of 12 hours grinding ladder to keep up with other people on top ladder which induces rage/frustration. In Clash of Clans, you get only 8 games per day in Legends League so that players don’t suffer on top ladder like they do in Clash Royale.

But lots of people are competitive, though, and their main attraction would be the rank system. The casual modes might be boring to them because there’s no risk factor of losing trophies. However, I do think challenge coins in Clash Mini deserve a fair shot. Moreover, in ranked modes in starting leagues you lose nothing and can progress easily, which I feel is a great way to keep the competition mode healthy and active. Otherwise, players who spend a lot of money will reach on top quickly then rest of the players, but this is preventing them from doing that and also creating a healthy environment for game.

Challenge Coins in Clash Mini are simply used to start ranked games. It is therefore advised to only play in ranked mode in order to spend these Challenge Coins as well as gain gold, crowns, and other rewards. But remember that players lose their crowns if they lose a ranked game.

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