Burst Witch Tier List and Reroll Guide

Do you want to know about the new Burst Witch Tier List and Reroll Guide? If yes, then check out this latest Tier List and Reroll guide for Burst Witch. In this guide you will learn how to reroll, which characters to reroll for, Burst Witch Tier List character rankings, and the best Burst Witch characters that are currently available in the game.

If you are not able to get high tier characters at the beginning, then we recommend you to unlock them by rerolling. Now, without further ado, let us first check out the Burst Witch Tier List character rankings.

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Burst Witch Tier List

Burst Witch Tier List

The following Burst Witch Tier List divides the character rankings in three tiers; Tier 0, Tier 1 and Tier 2.

Burst Witch CharacterTier Number
TheresaTier 0
John YassTier 0
MitraTier 0
AnnaTier 0
SibylTier 0
CelesteTier 0
CynthiaTier 0
IstresTier 0
ShanaTier 1
NicolassTier 1
SharonTier 1
ElizabethTier 1
CabellaTier 1
ShantinaTier 1
ArshaTier 1
NoelTier 1
HerthaTier 1
LisaTier 1
DaisyTier 1
AngelicaTier 2
KarinaTier 2
ThrudTier 2
LoferilTier 2
MaryTier 2
NataliyaTier 2
CarolineTier 2
SabrinaTier 2
KaryaTier 2

There you are with the new Burst Witch Tier List character rankings. Now, without wasting any time, let us find out the best Burst Witch characters to unlock in the game.

Best Burst Witch Characters List

The best Burst Witch characters list below includes characters that we think are good to have in your collection. All the characters mentioned int the list have continuous output or high critical burst damage. This means they can be used in a battle against a strong opponent.

Mitra – Tier 0

Mitra is an all-around DPS who can instantly kill opponents with low HP with her continuous DPS. She can primarily be used as the frontline assaulter in certain lineups.

John Yass – Tier 0

John Yass is placed at Tier 0 in this Burst Witch Tier List guide. He has a superb damage output, powerful curse and a stackable shadow DPS. He is ideal for long fights and can be very strong late in the game.

Cynthia – Tier 0

Cynthia is placed at Tier 0 in this Burst Witch Tier List guide. She has a group buff and incredibly powerful light-based healing. Moreover, she also deals AOE damage, stacks light damage, and deals burst damage.

Elizabeth – Tier 1

Elizabeth is placed at Tier 1 in this Burst Witch Tier List guide. She has extremely powerful buffs that increase DOT damage and stacks to high burst, as well as massive AOE and DOT damage.

Daisy – Tier 1

Daisy is placed at Tier 1 in this Burst Witch Tier List guide. She is a light character that primarily serves as a support unit. She also has a very strong armor breaking ability, which is ideal for dealing massive damage. Daisy can be used in certain lineups as a continuous DPS and defense buffer.

How to reroll in Burst Witch?

At the end of the day, whether you reroll or not is determined by your own preference for the character. There’s no need to reroll if you got the character you desired. But if not then scroll down to find out how to do reroll in Burst Witch game.

You can spend 50 crystals for a 10 roll after completing Chapter 1, and you’ll get 1 SSR out of the three available. Moreover, you should be able to get 1 SSR, 2 SSR, and 7 SSR per 10 rolls. The 10 reroll options are enough to acquire the best Burst Witch characters in the game.

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About Burst Witch Game

The plot of “Burst Witch” is based on a true story from the Middle Ages’ witch trials. It’s about witches, humans, gods, and demons, as well as the cause of the last mass destruction event detailed in the first chapter. The general style is based on the dark period of the European Middle Ages. The game is combined with the correct monster design and gothic character stand-up painting to establish the game’s key emotional tones. Overall, it is a game that caters to a specific audience, and you can try it out for free to see whether you enjoy it or not.

That is all for today! Check back regularly for the latest mobile gaming news, guides and other Burst Witch Tier List updates.

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