Bless Global now open for Pre-registrations

Bless Global now open for Pre-registrations

Publisher Tigon Mobile has just announced that they will be launching Bless Global very soon, On 30th November 2022 they announced their Public Beta Test that was available for until 14th December 2022.

Now game is available for Pre Registration on both App Store and Play Store. BLESS GLOBAL is a medieval fantasy MMO game, It has console level graphics, grand stories and and epic gaming experience.

Just like other fantasy game you can customize your characters in a unique way with dozens of tweakable facial characteristics. There are so many outfits and mounts that will be available for you during the character customization.

Before we talk about Bless Global Classes I want to explain you about Pets and Mounts. In game you will find wide variety of pets and mounts with distinctive looks. These mounts and pet will significantly boost your character’s stats after proper cultivation and they will be very helpful during Dungeons and PvP battles.

Bless Global has total 5 classes, Ranger, Mage, Prist, Berserker and Crusader, Each Class has huge number of skills and pairing options. You can team up with your friends and play Dungeons Challenge.

In Dungeons Challenges you have to play against Bosses. As of now there 2 types of challenges available in Bless Global.

  • Team Dungeons
  • Group Dungeons

You can play Team Dungeons with 5 players and Group Dungeons with 10 players but keep in mind that if you want to win battles then you will require coordinated efforts among players.

You can join guild and connect with other players from all over the world. There are some Guild Missions and exclusive Guild Skills to help members of a guild grow stronger.

It’s time to end this article here, for more information on the pre-registrations and future updates on the game, do check out the official website here.






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