Best PUBG New State Loot Locations 2021

Despite the ever-changing nature of flight paths and reachable drop zones, the best PUBG New State Loot Locations 2021 tend to stay the same. Moreover, if you spend enough time playing the game, you’ll notice that some locations are constantly better than others. These are densely populated areas with numerous structures that serve as the best PUBG New State Loot Locations.

PUBG New State currently has four maps in total. Troi and Erangel are the two upgraded battle royale maps, as well as a Training Field station and a Team Death Match (TDM) map.

Here, in this PUBG New State guide, we’ll discuss the best PUBG New State Loot Locations in Troi and Erangel.

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Best PUBG New State Loot Locations 2021

Best PUBG New State Loot Locations

We’ll begin with the best PUBG New State Loot Locations in Erangel. We will arrange the PUBG New State Loot Locations from top to bottom. The top locations will have the best quality of PUBG New State Loot, and bottom locations have not so good quality of loot. Also, we apologize if you are not able to find your favorite location, but to make this guide more accurate we have added only three best PUBG New State Loot Locations in each map.

PUBG New State Loot Locations in Erangel

Military Base:

On Erangel’s southern side, the Military Base boasts the most regular supply of high-quality, military-grade loot. Level 3 helmets and body armor, a plethora of scopes and attachments, medical equipment, and assault guns are all examples of military grade equipment. If your flight path goes through Military Base then we highly recommend you to go there as it is one of the best PUBG New State Loot Locations.


In all of the PUBG franchises, the School is extremely popular. It is constantly within landing distance of a plane drop because it is located in the heart of Erangel. The loot in School isn’t military-grade, but it’s more than enough to kill a squad. There is a lot of level 2 gear, good weapons, attachments and you will also find some medical loot. This is why we have added school in the second best PUBG New State Loot Locations.


Although Pochinki has a decent amount of quality loot, it is always crowded with large number of squads. Because there are so many places to hide, it’s difficult to know where other teams are, and this results in constant early deaths. But if you somehow were able to survive in Pochinki then I assure you that Pochinki could be one of the best PUBG New State Loot Locations.

PUBG New State Loot Locations in Troi

Troi is a brand-new map set in a post-apocalyptic planet in the year 2051. It’s a 8x8km open area with a variety of buildings, grounds, ruins, and other components that add to the game’s challenge. There will have an Exhibit Hall, The Mall, and a Tythonic Industries science laboratory. So, these are currently the best PUBG New State Loot Locations.

Exhibit Hall:

It’s open-style design is worth visiting when you start playing this game. Exhibit Hall is an area that is clear of barriers or objects that players might use to hide. This makes it more like a death drop zone where you can instantly get killed. All in all, the chances of finding good quality of loot is high in this best PUBG New State Loot Location.

The Mall:

According to developers of PUBG New State, The Mall used to be a popular hangout and a gathering place for Troi residents. While some Troi residents came to shop, others simply came to see the spectacular sunshine that is diffused by the massive tempered glass. The main hall in the entrance appears to be a good spot to find a large amount of loot, as it is full of small and large shops.

Tythonic Industries:

A research laboratory seems intriguing for a PUBG map, and I can’t help but wonder how Tythonic Industries would assist players in combat. It is a good location to drop as you can easily find Level 2 armor, assault rifle and other accessories for your battle.

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So that’s everything you need to know about the best PUBG New State Loot Locations. We recommend you to bookmark this site for latest gaming news, tier list, PUBG New State guide and other related updates.

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