Best Clash Mini Deck 2021 – Clash Mini Deck Guide

Today we will talk about the new best Clash Mini deck 2021. The best Clash Mini deck in this Clash Mini guide is very useful for a beginner player. The Clash Mini characters in this deck can be used for trophy pushing, online tournaments, and other challenges that come from time to time.

So, without any further delay, let us check out the best Clash Mini deck for PVP and PVE mode.

If you are new to Clash Mini and want to know the basis first, then check out this Clash Mini Wiki and guide.

Best Clash Mini Deck

So in this Clash Mini guide we have created two best Clash Mini Deck for you to use in the game; Clash Mini Barbarian King Deck and Clash Mini Countess Deck.

Clash Mini Barbarian King Deck

Clash Mini Barbarian King Deck

In this Clash Mini guide, this is one of the best Clash Mini deck. This Clash Mini Barbarian King deck allows you to apply early pressure to your opponent. If you play it correctly, you can easily get quick wins to help you climb the ladder. We have also added Mini Pekka and a Barbarian in this Clash Mini deck as they will provide cover to our King. The Magic Archer, Wizard and Spear Goblin can be used as a support unit from the back.

I like Magic Archer the most in this best Clash Mini deck because he aims for the farthest enemy rather than the closest. Also, if you combine Magic Archer and Mini Pekka, the Mini Pekka attacks from the front, Magic Archer goes for the furthest. As a result, they can together get rid of the enemy’s squishy back line before your frontline gets killed. Moreover, this also allows you to surprise a lot of new players and get easy wins. It’s easy to understand, straightforward, and extremely effective.

Clash Mini Countess Deck

Clash Mini Countess Deck

In our Clash Mini guide, this is currently the second-best Clash Mini deck in the game. This Clash Mini Countess Deck is extremely effective on both offense and defense. You have the Giant Skeleton, Mini Pekka and the Countess on the attack, and the Guards, Wizard, and Barbarian on defense. This best Clash Mini deck is built around counter-pushing, with Skeleton Giant frequently used for chip damage.

I don’t play this deck aggressively in the first minute; instead, I’d like to play Wizard or Barbarian in the back first. If possible, try to use Countess with the Wizard in a push where the Wizard acts as a support unit. The one thing i l like about Wizard in this best Clash Mini deck is that it can easily take out swarms like Goblin Gang or Minion Horde and can take out both ground and air cards.

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