AVARS AVABEL Ranking Season

AVARS: AVABEL Ranking Season to release in February 2023

AVARS: AVABEL Ranking Season by Asobimo, Inc. will be released on 6 Feb 2023. The official announcement for Pre-registration was made by their Official Webiste so here’s hoping that more news for a global release to come soon.

It is a MMORPG that you aim to conquer the Onliest Ranking.

Pre Registration of this game is now available on Play Store and App store registration will be available in future.

AVARS: AVABEL Ranking Season has More than 100 types of Ranking System. You can any ranking mode that matches you play style.

In this game, there will be multiple system that every season will end after a period of time, Once season is end You ranking will be reset and you will have to play from the beginning.

AVARS: AVABEL Ranking Season Will Release on 6 Feb 2023

You may have played many MMORPG and those game have Classes system but In AVARS: AVABEL there is no class available to play, You have to find your own fighting style by combining over 500 types of Skills.

AVARS: AVABEL Ranking Season has Online battle feature that let you play against players around the world. You can create your character very easily and dress up them by changing outfit and draping aura.

Pre-registration Rewards

With each milestone reached, We will be giving away useful in-game items to all players

  • 10k – 10 Blue gems
  • 30K – 30 Blue gems
  • 50K – 50 Blue gems
  • 100K – 100 Blue gems

Now go and per register for game. Thanks for reading.






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