Auto Heroes Tier List (NEW) – Best Character Guide

Here is our Auto Heroes Tier List, which ranks all the characters in various tiers from best to worst.

Auto Heroes features a large cast of characters, each of them belongs to one of the four given tiers. S tier, A tier, B tier, and C tier are the four tiers that we have used to rank the characters. The following Auto Heroes Tier List is further based on the skills and attributes of heroes in the game. Carefully examine the Auto Heroes Tier List and select the best heroes in the game that will help you improve your performance and level up more quickly.

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Auto Heroes Tier List – Best Hero Guide

Auto Heroes Tier List

The S tier includes all game-changing heroes which is followed by the C tier that has heroes which you should generally avoid.

Auto Heroes Tier List – S Tier

Hero Class
Cassio Sword
Alia Sword
Morrigan Caster
Hem Caster
Ajani Caster

Auto Heroes Tier List – A Tier

Hero Class
Ophelia Tank
Okat Tank
Maglov Tank
Teresa Tank
Winnie Archer
Jack Archer
Alice Archer
ACE Sword
Raphael Caster

Auto Heroes Tier List – B Tier

Hero Class
Meve Caster
Kent Tank
Serra Tank
Ed Tank
Otter Sword
Valkyrie Sword
Castham Caster
Lohns Sword
Furvin Archer

Auto Heroes Tier List – C Tier

Hero Class
Tesla Tank
Nyx Tank
Lilith Sword
Istana Archer
Asha Archer
Luna Caster
Atama Caster

What Are The Auto Heroes Classes?

Characters in Auto Heroes are divided into four classes, each with its own set of skills and support options.

Caster, Archer, Tank, and Sword, are some different classes. It’s best to have a few different classes on your team to give defense against incoming attacks while simultaneously healing and dealing damage.

Auto Heroes Guide – Tips & Tricks

Here are some Auto Heroes tips and tricks for beginners:

Upgrade Heroes

Don’t give preference to every single hero in the game. It is recommended to concentrate on just a few heroes, or you will quickly run out of resources. If you are not sure which hero to focus on, have a look at our Auto Heroes Tier List above and pick the best one.

In addition, upgrading high-tier heroes requires materials from high-tier heroes of the same faction you should strive to get rare heroes as much as possible.

Ingredients needed to upgrade a Hero to 10 Star:

  • 9 same hero
  • Three 8-star hero (same color)
  • Six 5-star hero (same color)
  • 58 medal (37 for the main hero and other 21 to make the three 8-star hero)

Focus On Daily & Weekly Quests

Even if you don’t feel like playing today, log on to complete your daily task at least in the game. You must obtain your daily and weekly quests. You’ll get a hundred diamonds every day for a total of 700 diamonds, plus your 900, for a total of 1600 jewels.


If you need to upgrade equipments for Weekly Quests then you should upgrade low tier equipments to earn prizes in the early stages.

I hope you like this Auto Heroes Tier List.

We have provided all the information in this Auto Heroes guide that will help you in better understanding of the gameplay.


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