Argent Twilight Tier List & Reroll Guide – Best Character Ranked

You’re in luck if you’re looking for the latest Argent Twilight tier list and guide. According to the game’s current meta, we’ve ranked every best character in Argent Twilight on this page. This Argent Twilight tier list is suitable for almost every game mode because it is intended for general playstyle.

Using only the best heroes in Argent Twilight, you can create a strong Argent Twilight team composition that will help you to win every battle.

So without ado, let us get started with this Argent Twilight tier list.

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Argent Twilight Tier List Ranking Meaning:

S tier – Want to play alongside the best Argent Twilight characters? Then you must have these S-rated OP heroes on your team.

A tier – Although they fall short of the S tier heroes in quality, the Argent Twilight heroes in the A tier are still quite good.

B tier – Heroes fall into the B Tier category are neither exceptional nor subpar. On our list of Argent Twilight tier list, they are in the middle.

C tier – These heroes aren’t all that amazing, as we’re getting close to the bottom of the Argent Twilight tier list.

D tier – What can we say other than that these Argent Twilight characters are a little waste, at least in our opinion? So, use them at your own risk.

Argent Twilight tier list

Best Characters In Argent Twilight – Tier List

Here is our Argent Twilight tier list:

Character Tier
Brave Djur, Callous Djur, Honest Djur, Hardy Djur, Snobby Djur, Reckless Alcy S tier
Callous Alcy, Lax Alcy, Serious Alcy, Cryptic Alch, Brave Aseha (Transform), Pure Aseha (Transform) A tier
Sweet Aseha (Transform), Jolly Celestial (Transform), Smart Celestial (Transform), Impish Celestial (Transform), Zealous Cleo, Lonely Cleo, Impish Cleo B tier
Brave Einid, Touchy Einid, Lax Einid, Hostile Jacques, Aloof Jacques C tier
Zealous Para, Wise Para, Curious Para, Bold Shulo, Callous Shulo, Honest Shulo, Pompous Woonye, Wise Woonye, Lax Woonye D tier

With every of our game tier lists, we strive to provide the most comprehensive and detailed list feasible. So when it came time to making this Argent Twilight tier list, we went on board.

Although this is only our opinion, some gamers might not agree with our selection of the best Argent Twilight characters.

Argent Twilight Reroll Guide

You can quickly reset the process if you didn’t obtain the best characters in Argent Twilight.

In the top-right corner, tap the menu button then select settings. Here, go to the account tab and press the reset account button.

Here, you need to click “Ok.” and type; Resetting.

Please note that “R” should be in capital letters followed by a full stop. Finally, you just have to confirm, and your account undergo reset.

That concludes our Argent Twilight and Reroll guide.

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