Anime Adventures Tier List Wiki – Best Character Guide

In this Roblox Wiki we have created the new Anime Adventures Tier List and guide for beginners. It is a Roblox tower defense game where you must gather well-known anime characters and use them to defend your base. Of course, choosing the best characters might be confusing; this is where our Anime Adventures tier list comes to help.

A good approach to avoid the grind is to thoroughly understand this Anime Adventures tier list. Moreover, check back after each update to see what has changed as we’ll keep it fresh in case the developer releases an update.

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Now, without any delay let us find out more about this Roblox Anime Adventures tier list.

Anime Adventures Tier List – Best Units Guide

Anime Adventures Tier List

Regardless of who commands them in the game, characters who tier well will often have a better average win rate.

Meanwhile, knowing rough placements can help you win in any battle, but any Anime Adventures tier list is not set in stone and can change with balance patches.

Anime Adventures Tier List – Mythic, Legendary, & Epic Tier List

Unit Tier
Broly (Mythic), Dio (Legendary), Erwin (Legendary), Madara (Mythic), Rengoku (Mythic) S tier
Diavolo (Mythic), Giorno (Legendary), All Might (Mythic), Armin (Mythic), Pain (Legendary), Bulma (Legendary), SpeedWagon (Epic) A tier
Jotaro (Epic), Levi (Mythic), Goku Blue (Legendary), Itachi (Legendary), Kakyoin (Epic), Todoroki (Epic) B tier
Eren (Legendary), Zenitsu (Epic), Killua (Epic), Freiza (Epic), Ichigo (Hollow Mask), (Epic) Garaa (Epic) C tier
Dabi (Legendary), Goku Pink (Legendary), Inosuke (Epic), Genos (Epic), Kakashi (Epic), Overhaul (Epic), Piccolo (Epic) D tier

Anime Adventures Tier List – Rare Tier List

Unit Tier
Sakura S tier
Sanji A tier
Sasuke, Josuke, Luffy, Vegeta, Tanjiro, Zoro B tier
Naruto, Nezuko, Ichigo, Uraraka, Usopp, Bakugo, Jonathan, Deku, Krillin C tier

We have everything we need to put together the aforementioned Roblox Anime Adventures tier list now that the game is officially released. We are making every effort to create a perfect list for the future, but it is very much a work in progress right now.

Who Is The Best Anime Adventures Character?

Characters like Dio and Diabolo are currently a relatively safe bet to use if you can pull them off. However, the Goku, Broly, and Jotaro would be on a little lower end of the spectrum.

Building a solid defense with the best characters available is essential. Moreover, top-tier units can function admirably with little exertion, however any character will shine given the right resources for their role.

When Will We Get More Units In Anime Adventures?

While there is no precise information on when new anime characters will appear in the game. You should often check the game’s Discord server for the most recent information and impending changes.

And that’s basically all there is to know at this time regarding the Anime Adventures tier list.


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