AngelKnights: Idle RPG released

AngelKnights: Idle RPG released globally by SPRING Games

The developers of famous mobile game titles like One Punch and Star Hero Story, SPRING Games have globally released their brand new Single Player Idle RPG game AngelKnights for Android and iOS devices on 21st December 2022.

Before you start playing, look into some key features of the game that are given below:

Key Features of the AngelKnights: Idle RPG game

Here are 3 key features:

It is a one-of-a-kind idle RPG game that you have never experienced before

Instead of general 1vs1 battles, AngelKnights lets you take part in 3vs many battles. Your team will be called Knights Order consisting of a Warrior, an Archer, and a Sorcerer.

It’s your main job to equip all of them with powerful weapons and upgrade them with gems frequently for higher levels. AngelKnights is an amazing title to try out and it will be most intriguing to fans of classic side-scroller RPGs.

Upgrade your character abilities and reach max level

The game has a large collection of weapons ranging from Swords, Staffs, Bow and Arrow, and many more. You can create the most powerful Knights Order using an expansive selection of weapons.

In this game, you can also collect multiple class cards by completing daily tasks and fusing them together to upgrade the overall strength of your character.

Nonstop action and always-evolving battleground

AngelKnights’ core game mechanics comprises never-ending battlegrounds with frequent boss fights at the end of each stage.

Use diverse tactics and create unique strategies to take on the most powerful enemies.

The game already has more than 50T+ downloads and 4.2-star ratings on the Play Store

Are you excited to try out AngelKnights: Idle RPG which has been globally released on Android and iOS? Let us know in the comments below.






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