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Alpha Ace Early Access Has Commenced – Download & play

A brand new game Alpha Ace by Garena International II has now been launched on Play Store in Early Access. Please pay attention to in-game notifications and Official Facebook page and Discord Server of Alpha Ace if you wish to find out more information and upcoming AA actions.

Garena International II has invited you to a testing program for an unreleased version of the Alpha Ace app. As a tester, you’ll receive an update that includes a testing version of the Alpha Ace app, which may also include unreleased versions of its instant app.

Alpha Ace Early Access

**Players please Note: When reporting a bug or giving a suggestion, make sure you leave:

1) General info: user name, Account type (FB/Google/Visitor etc.), UID, device type, and regularly used email address or preferred contact

2) Issue description: occuring time, screenshot/screen recording, behaviors/steps taken prior to the issue (for devs to see what could have caused the bug) help us verify the issue and we can together make the game better!

Here’s where you can download Alpha Ace:

  • https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.garena.game.alphaace

Step by Step guide to download and play Alpha Ace in any country

As Alpha Ace opens for early access, Everyone wants to play this game but in order to play you have to become a Beta Tester

Alpha Ace Beta Tester Program 

This game soon available for everyone. Keep checking this page as we will update any information on the game’s official release.

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