AFK Girls Idle Action Guide – Best character lineup and more

Today we will talk about the most anticipated AFK Girls Idle Action Guide for beginners. AFK Girls Idle Action is a 3D role-playing RPG game developed for mobile devices. As the name suggests, the game is based on Action Girls, and you play using the number of AFK Girls Idle Action Characters.

The game includes the best animations and graphics and can be played in most mobile devices. The AFK Girls Idle Action Characters are so well-designed and good-looking. The players out there will love the game so much because of the beautiful AFK Girls Idle Action Characters.

Here is our AFK Girls Idle Action Guide for beginner players.

AFK Girls Idle Action Guide

AFK Girls Idle Action Guide

The AFK Girls Idle Action game can be downloaded from multiple sources such as Google Play Store, Apple App Store, APK file from the official website and on other websites. You will be able to play this game in free to play model and this is probably the best bet to be efficient. This will help you get more stuff to be able to pull more characters and have more variety eventually.

Server to Server Competition

Here is our AFK Girls Idle Action Guide to inter-sever competition or tournament.

At the main page, select Castle → Tourney. It has all 4 different competitive functions, namely:

  1. Hero zenith
  2. Gem tournament
  3. Rune tournament
  4. Battlefield

Each competition function has to offer different attractive gifts:

Gem Tournament

  • Here, players can compete against each other to surpass the milestone and receive rewards
  • Players will be randomly matched with each other
  • After each win the player will receive a bonus chest, it will take a few minutes to unlock the chest
  • Or it can cost diamonds if you want to open the chest immediately
  • Winning the war will give the player zenith coins, which can be used to buy items in the zenith shop
  • Each gift will be reset after each season, the reset gifts can still be won
  • You can receive 5 rare gifts every day

AFK Girls Idle Action Game Mechanics

At CASTLE item, you can click on ARENA item. There you can select an ARENA of your liking. Here you can enter the season rank match.

Basic Game Rules

  • During the season, players can challenge each other to get ranking points and increase their rank
  • Every day, players will have 5 free plays and can use diamonds or Ladder challenge pass to change turns
  • Starting from the 1st day of the open server, there will be 1 season every 7 days and ending at 22:00 on the last day.
  • Each season will run for a period of 5 months.
  • Players also get rewards when reaching the number of winning matches like 5,15,30,50,70 and 100 wins
  • Once in the arena menu, you can tap view challenge to see your opponents
  • You will be able to pick your opponent from a list of 4 other players with the same number of rank points as you
  • Only players with a rank close to you will appear on the list of 4 friends you can fight

When you win a match in AFK Girls Idle Action, you can get rank points, but when you lose, you won’t lose rank points. You will be forfeited if you don’t defeat the enemy team in 1 minute. When you win, the certain number of rank points you will receive based on four cases:

  1. When the enemy has 101 or more points lower than you: 20 points
  2. When the enemy has a score lower than you by 100 or less: 25 points
  3. When the enemy has a score higher than you by 100 or less: 35 points
  4. When the enemy has 100 or more points higher than you: 40 points.

During the game, players can also receive Glory coins to pour Heroes and by clicking Glory shop to enter the shop. The player can also review the matches to gain experience by clicking the Tournament Log and then pressing the play button on the tabs. Finally, the player can view the leaderboard to see his rank and that of the top 500 players with the highest rank.

AFK Girls Idle Action Hero Summon

When in the HOME screen, click on CASTLE and then find HERO TAVERN to open the summoning of heroes. Players can use summoning coins or diamonds to summon and accumulate points. If you spin 100 times, the chances of receiving 5-star hero is high.


  • 6 SSR stars: 1%
  • 6-star SR: 3%
  • 5 stars: 10%
  • 4 stars: 36%
  • 3 stars:50%

When summoning, will accumulate points to exchange 1 random 5-star hero as above, each summoning will be counted as 5 points and 150 will change any 5-star hero. Also, in this part, players can also refer to strong squads to help build the squad and receive rewards when they own the heroes they need to build their squad.

AFK Girls Idle Action Lineup Guide

When in the HOME screen, click on the HERO item, then click on the LINE-UP section to open the lineup arrangement. When entering the LINE-UP section, players can arrange any 5 member team by clicking on a character they want and then arranging or if there is no space, then press a character that the player wants to replace to multiply.

The object out of the lineup and then let the character you want to enter. When the formation is finished, the player must save the formation by pressing the SAVE FORMATION button. Players choose 6 different formation frames to line up according to their needs or preferences by clicking on the FORMATION item.

AFK Girls Idle Action Gameplay Guide

So that is pretty much in this AFK Girls Idle Action Guide for beginner to properly start in the game. If you found this AFK Girls Idle Action Guide useful, please share it on social media with your friends.

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