Adelamyth Tier List – Best characters guide

In this guide we have ranked the best heroes in Adelamyth game. This Adelamyth Tier List will always reflect the most updated Adelamyth Tier List rankings of characters. Furthermore, it is designed to rank heroes in terms of their strength and their value in competitive play. While certain heroes are regarded niche or balanced, others who are not in top tier should not be disregarded.

In the right hands any hero will do the job for you. However, heroes who are in higher tier have a better average win rate regardless of who controls them. Although this Adelamyth Tier List is not set in stone and can change due to updates. However, knowing rough rankings of characters can help you win battles easily.

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Adelamyth Tier List – Best characters guide

Adelamyth Tier List

Despite the fact that Adelamyth divides its characters into distinct roles, some are simply better all-rounders than others. The characters in this tier list are those who are widely featured in the current meta. In addition, heroes in this Adelamyth Tier List are divided into Support, Ranger, Mage and Warrior categories.

For ease of understanding the characters in this Adelamyth Tier List are ranked in four sections.

  • SS tier – They are the best heroes in Adelamyth, and they will have exceptional performance for any game mode.
  • S tier – The heroes are performing better than typical heroes, and they have a great deal of strength to assist you during the game.
  • A tier – Heroes in this tier list are not strong enough, but they are not weaker either. They are an excellent addition to a team if you look for a specific set of abilities within the gameplay.
  • B tier – In this Adelamyth Tier List, the heroes are ranked last. As a result, they should only be chosen when you don’t have any heroes from the levels above.

Adelamyth Tier List – SS Tier

  • Augustus → Warrior
  • Ares → Ranger
  • Seth → Ranger
  • Berial → Ranger
  • Hera → Ranger
  • Sphinx → Mage
  • Moses → Mage
  • Tiamat → Mage
  • Michael →Support
  • Charlotte → Support
  • Nyx → Support
  • Alice → Support

Adelamyth Tier List – S Tier

  • Diana → Warrior
  • Lilith → Warrior
  • Poseidon → Warrior
  • Wukong → Ranger
  • Elizabeth → Ranger
  • Izanami → Ranger
  • Tyche → Mage
  • Aurora → Mage
  • Solomon → Mage
  • Gaia → Support

Adelamyth Tier List – A Tier

  • Astolpho → Warrior
  • Gabriel → Ranger
  • Eris → Ranger
  • Francis → Ranger
  • Hassasn XIV → Mage
  • Medusa → Mage
  • Doris → Mage
  • Michelle → Support

Adelamyth Tier List – B Tier

  • Mary → Ranger
  • Mulan → Ranger
  • Joan → Ranger
  • Abaddon → Ranger
  • April → Mage
  • Agrona → Mage
  • Natsuki → Mage
  • Muirgen → Support
  • Lily → Support

Adelamyth Guide – Tips for beginners

Adelamyth is a classic turn-based Idle RPG with a huge variety of modes to keep you battling. Over 60 heroes are divided into five factions (Water, wind, fire, dark and light). You can also level up heroes to create the most powerful team. In addition, collect soul energy to feed the soul tree, which will give a boost to all of your hero’s abilities.

To defeat your opponents, equip your heroes will max level items and create formidable lineups. Over the other factions, each side has formation boosts and factional advantages. Along with that, you will have six different formations to pick in the game.

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