20 Minutes Till Dawn Tier List (NEW) – Best Character Guide

We've got a ranked tier list of the best characters in 20 Minutes Till Dawn that you can use to find the best option for your character.

Looking for an updated 20 Minutes Till Dawn Tier List? We have got you covered in this 20 Minutes Till Dawn character guide!

20 Minutes Till Dawn is the latest addition to the Steam platform and is published by Erabit, flanne. In this roguelike survival game, you can select from a variety of upgrades to create a unique and powerful build with each run. You may be a fire wizard who ignites demons with each shot from your shotgun, or a swift ninja who slashes at his enemies with magic knives.

20 Minutes Till Dawn focuses on skill trees and managing upgrade paths. For a game like this, it’s got a solid variety of characters with a neat variety of gimmicks, and the way those interact with the different weapon types opens up the game to a lot of styles.

The difficulty curve is a little wonky as it’s very tough to get started, but once you’ve invested in some good runes, the pace really picks up.

20 Minutes Till Dawn Tier List – Best Character Guide

Before writing this 20 Minutes Till Dawn Tier List I have unlocked all characters and guns. Moreover, I also found out that if you click on “Runes” there are many upgrades that you can use to improve your overall experience.

Without ado, here is our ranking of all the characters in this 20 Minutes Till Dawn Tier List:-

20 Minutes Till Dawn Tier List – S Tier


Diamond has a lot of health, which may not seem like a major concern at first. This is because if you can regularly beat darkness 15, you shouldn’t be getting hit very often. Diamond’s special skills, all of which raise her stats dependent on either healing or damage are what really set her apart from other characters.

This lets you take advantage of your high HP to gain additional stats. This can rapidly go out of hand if you don’t gain the HP regeneration talent early on. With runes, you can get a lot of stats out of your HP. Aside from that, she does not especially synergize with any weapons or abilities.


Spark is a great character who can use a variety of weapons and skills. Except for the crossbow and grenade launcher, she works well with practically every weapon. However, her favorite is the Dual SMG because it provides for much more lighting.

In that regard, she makes effective use of the lighting skill which gives her access to virtually endless ammo. She possesses decent freezing abilities, but they are especially powerful when combined with her incredible lighting/fire synergy.

20 Minutes Till Dawn Tier List – A Tier


Abby is one of the game’s most powerful characters. Almost all weapons work well for her in the game. However, the dual SMG and bat gun are the best options to use with Abby. Her three unique skills are all amazing or ok, with two of them being great and one being just ok.

Abby’s skills are impressive, since she spreads frost at an unprecedented rate, and her projectile increases are insane. Lightning is also beneficial because it extends her time in her ability.


Despite the fact that Scarlett is meant to be based on fire, I don’t really respect the burn status effect. Nevertheless, it is not the burn that makes her ability useful, but it is the ability to spread frost due to its limitless penetration. Scarlett excels with two SMG weapons because they allow her to belt fire.

Except for the one that enhances burn damage at the expense of bullet damage, her unique abilities are excellent.

20 Minutes Till Dawn Tier List – B Tier


Due to her lack of a strong synergy with summon builds, Hina is the game’s weakest character. Unless you earn her one decent special ability, her power to dash and summon a shadow clone is useless. However, upon dashing she becomes unstoppable and deals damage to everything you dash through.

This ability kept me from putting her in C tier because it is truly strong, but not strong enough to push her over B tier.


Lilith’s forte is summoning. Lilith gets extra damage for every kill even if she does not summon, therefore I believe she is still pretty powerful. If you want to summon Lilith, the bat gun is the obvious choice; otherwise, no weapon has a specific synergy with her. Her three distinct abilities vary from terrible to good.

Regardless of build, the skill that generates two skulls per kill is quite effective. The one that significantly raises summon damage is also beneficial for summon builds and improves skulls.

20 Minutes Till Dawn Tier List – C Tier


Because Shana can reroll the random talents that come up, you’ll have the easiest time picking up the skills you want. Shana is adaptable, but he also lives in the middle of nowhere. Shana can be built in the unique style by utilizing his special skill: Specialize.

It can triple the effect of the next talent you learn, thus it can be extremely beneficial. The issue, though, is that you’re not sure if you’ll choose Specialize when you open the box.

Whenever using 20 Minutes Till Dawn Tier List, always keep in mind that it is arbitrary! This means you don’t have to always follow what we think is the strongest. If you enjoy a certain character, you should stick with it.

You don’t necessarily have to select the first choice in this 20 Minutes Till Dawn Tier List to be powerful in the game!

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